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Welcome to PassWorld YK

Company information

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Our activity

PassWorld is a development services provider. These developments include all the phases from design to prototype manufacturing.

Our products
We provide development platforms for research centers. These platforms may include everything from hardware to software, making it easy to develop embedded products prototypes. For more information, see our products page.
Soroban series
Our Soroban series are low-power, small sized development board intended to be used in field test. Following customers' requests, we can now also provide a case transforming a simple development board into a prototype which is very close to a product.
Application daughterboards for Soroban
We have also develop application mezzanines for our development platform and are comitted to broaden their specific designs. We can also develop variants of these boards on request.
Modules for development. LCD, GPS, etc...
These modules allow quick and easy prototype development. Several types of LCDs to be choosen according to specific requirements (low power, color or BW, static images or animations, etc...
Custom development
We also provide custom development services for companies or public organizations.
Embedded hardware
We develop hardware, mostly for microcontroller TI's MSP430, ARM processors). Among other examples, we have developed for instance UV mesurement and logging devices, earthquakes logger, medical devices such as ECG, activity monitoring (for elder persons), blood pressure monitor, etc...
Embedded software
We can develop on demand software for microcontrollers, and also the PC part communicating with the microcontroller.
Case manufacturing
We do also manufacture prototypes' cases, mostly in aluminium PVC, acrylic, etc... No minimum order. One piece orders welcome.
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