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Company information

ITRojiPassWorld offers embedded hardware and software consulting services. We provide development solutions including embedded hardware, embedded software, radio transmission (BlueTooth, Zigbee, etc) and interaction with mobile devices such as Android or iOS terminals, as well as data exchange over the net.

Our originality


We are proud of our unbeatable responsiveness; we can develop measurement prototypes in tight schedules. Furthermore, we have partners in PCB fabrication and therefore can handle small series (few hundreds to a few thousand devices).

○ Variety of achievements

Our achievements include developments for university labs in Japan and globally. One of our developments in bio signals was a recording device (EEG = brain wave recorder), which was sent to the ISS in 2011.

Our main areas of activity 

We are mostly active in embedded solutions for the following fields:

Motion control

iC Haus LogoWe are specialists in motion control technology and we are providing technical support for iC-Haus GmbH (Germany).

iC-Haus is a fabless chip designer focused mainly on motion control and laser driver ICs. They provide solutions for both magnetic and optical position encoders, linear or rotary,BissLogoas well as laser driver ICs.

iC-Haus has also developed a world spread standard for industrial sensors & actuators. We are the technical support for BiSS solutions on the Japanese market.

Social robots

HaapieAnother area of expertise is social robots implementing speech recognition. We are co-developing  interactive robots which are capable of understanding speech and holding a conversation. Our partner in this field is Haapie (France).

Haapie designs and develops cognitive and social robots, as well as virtual characters, which integrate its advanced software components including cognitive systems, natural language speech recognition and dialogue management solutions.

Haapie-One and its friends are versatile social robots which are fully customisable, both in terms of colour design and features which can be tailored to specific requirements with the Haapie Studio. 

Haapie's software is designed to facilitate human-machine communication with next-generation smart dialogue solutions; these ensure that interaction is fluid and efficient using a natural language speech interface.  Their  cognitive and dialogue management technology opens the way to a new generation of creative and self- learning robots and applications.

Educational robotic systems

LeoBoardWe have developed a board that can be used to control robots using a smartphone or a tablet. Without any additional hardware, this board can control 4 DC motors and 6 servos. It uses BlueTooth Low Energy (known as BLE). It is preloaded with a firmware with which you can independantly command 6 servomotors (angle setting) and 4 DC motors (speed setting).

Furthermore, this board is delivered with enough C source code to build custom applications. It is also possible to write applications by using the preloaded software and our Android / iOS source code examples. You can watch this demonstration video of what can be done with it.

More information on this board in the products section.