This section is about REOBoard and its derivatives.

News about new products, tutorials in C, android tutorials, etc...

About these tutorials

These tutorials are provided for convenience and aim to help the user for a quicker start. There is no warranty whatsoever, expressed or implied.

About the C/C++ tutorials

The C/C++ tutorials are referenced with a C and a number. Example: C-06 Motor control

Quick overview of what can be achieved using REOBoard in C. The user may also look at MSP43pF5x programming reference (SLAU208x.pdf) published by Texas Instruments. The current revision is SLAU208N.pdf (publihed May 2014). All the code published by Texas Instruments should also compile and work without any modification. As of IDEs, IAR kickstart (exec code limited version) should be enough for experiment. The source code in these tutorials should also compile with Texas Instruments' Code Composer Studio (CCS).

About Android Tutorials:

Android programs are developed using Android Studio. The development history proved that Android Studio undergoes constant changes, and therefore we cannot guarantee that older tutorials will work. However, they should give the Android programmers good hints about how to write and run programs that communicate with REOBoard and its derivatives.