This is a navigation page that gives a brief overview of various source codes by category.

Android tutorials

These tutorials explain how to connect to a BlueTooth device (BlueTooth 4.0 low energy, known as BLE)

J-01 Motors and servos

An Android application to control motors and servos using a smartphone or tablet

C source code tutorials

These tutorials, written in C, show various functionalities of LEOBoard.

C-01 Led blinker

This is the Embedded world's "Hello world" application.

C-02 Led blinker using a timer

An enhanced version of tutorial 01 using a timer in order to save CPU power.

C-03 Using crystals

Using crystal for accurate timing. A crystal controlled 1s LED blinking. More detail here.

C-04 Using PWM

Introduction tu PWM (pulse code modulation)

C-05 Using ADC

Analog to digital conversion using REOBoard. Dimming a LED with a potentiometer

C-06 Motor control

Controlling the speed and direction of a motor using a potentioometer.

C-07 Servo control

Controlling a servo with a potentiometer.

C-08 Stepper motor control

Controlling a stepper motor with a potentiometer.

C-09 Bluetooth

How to contol ReoBoard with BlueTooth messages.

C-10 Bluetooth Send

How to send messages from REOBoard to a tablet or smart phone.

C-11 DAC using PWM

How to make a digital to analog conversion with a PWM output.