LeoBoard160REOBoard stands for Recreational, Educational, Original Board. It is a BlueTooth Low Energy capable board aimed at leisure or educational robotics. It can receive messages from a smartphone (iOS or Android) and drive up to 6 servos and 4 DC motors simultaneously.

Main features

REOBoard has been designed mainly for robotics, and it therefore provides the following features:

If you're in a hurry, you can directly download documentation and source code.

Source code detail, tutorials are also published on this website.


  • Processor: MSP430F5659
  • Bluetooth: BLE112 (Bluetooth Low Energy)
  • DC drivers: 4 outputs @ 700 mA each
  • Servos: up to 6 pieces, with Futaba-like pulse commands
  • SD card socket
  • Extension: GPIO or peripherals (PWM, UARTS etc...) 60 pins including 12 analogue inputs and 2 analogue outputs.
  • USB capable of HID, MSC, etc... USB can also be used for firmware upgrade using TI utility.
  • Size: 81 x 56mm. Thickness: 3mm under the board, 11mm over the board (power jack).
  • Power: 5 ~ 7.4V input. Generating 3.3 for circuit (and also 5V for legacy circuits).
  • All connectors are on-pitch (2.54), enabling use of plain prototyping universal PCBs


  • Application soft: iOS and Android sample code
  • Scripting compiler on board (beta version), allowing to write real-time motor control programs with minimal effort.
  • Android based speech recognition application allowing to drive motors and servos with your voice (alpha version).
  • Board programming C software available from us and also from Texas Instruments
  • On board scripting language allowing to do complex programs in a few lines

About the scripting language

We have developed a script allowing to program REOBoard easily. For this, you don't need a compiler, you just need some means to write a text file. A kind of compiler of this script is on board. Write a text file describing the flow of your program, put it in an SD card, insert the SD card, reboot, that's it, your program works. There are a few standard programs showing how to use the script.

This script is in a very early stage of development, but it allows already to do simple program in a few lines.

About the speech recognition software

The speech recognition program itself has been developed by Haapie in order to control the board.


REOboard can be used for a variety of applications.

  • Small control devices (e.g. temperature control)
  • Small robots, smartphone RC cars
  • Speech recognition controlled applications
  • Data loggers (using 12 ADC inputs and SD card)
  • Educational: training new employees to robotics


The following application has been written for iPhone. It allows you to control a little car. All the parts can be purchased at model resellers.