PW SB169 160SoRoBan is a kind of japanese acronym for measurement & storage board. It's slightly outdated but we still have some boards that we can provide as a sales offer. Soroban is a quick solution to create small measurement instruments. It features analogue measurement, display and storage.


Soroban is small and lightweight and has specifically been designed with field usage in mind. It has been sold and used since 1986 for medical monitoring device prototypes.
Soroban can be extended with 4 small connectors mirrorring all MSP430F169 or F1611 pins. It is therefore easy to add measurement analogue hardware as a daughterboard. We provide half-pitch mezzanines for quick prototyping.

You can reuse the same board with another mezzanine simply by upgrading the firmware.
We also deliver the source code thereby enabling users to learn how to use each of the processor's peripherals (e.g. how to use the RTC, the SD card, the LCD, etc...). Users can also download the relevant software published by Texas Instruments.


Microcontroller: MSP430F1611 (10kBytes RAM, 48kBytes flash, 256 Bytes data flash)
User interface: 3-position navigation button (up - down - select)
LCD: 101x64, monochrome
Storage: SD card (removable, with reverse-type connector)
Power supply: 3.7 ~ 6V
Power consumption: LCD = 250 µA max, MSP430  = +/- 500 µA / MHz
Size: (Without mezzanine board) 40 x 80 mm
Board / mezzanine distance: about 6 mm
Real-time clock: Century, year, month, day, day of week, hour (12/24), minutes, seconds, hundredths, alarm connected to MSP430 innterruption port.
Time keeping power source: Capacitor (full charge in about 3 minutes)
Time keeping without power: About 1 week