Cutting edge technology-oriented
exhibition in the field of Electro-Mechanical parts & devices


Where professionals search clues for the future

Our visitors know that the latest technologies & products in Electronics and Mechatronics gather here. Each clearly-focused exhibition enables the professionals to locate what they need, and the wide range of the products sparks ideas on possibilities of technical coordination.

Not only Japan’s largest, but one-and-only exhibitions

Exhibitions such as MOTORTECH JAPAN, POWER SYSTEM JAPAN, EMC JAPAN,THERMAL ENGINEERING, ENERGY HARVESTING are known here as "the one and only," "can't miss" exhibitions in Japan. Since 2014, frameworks of "Mechatronics Total Solution" and "Electronics Total Solution","Control Engineering・Design Support Solution" have been introduced to further promote cross-interaction among each topic.

PassWorld participates to TechnoFrontier at TechTuit's booth.

The next events will include some of the following: